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Hotel services at hostel prices. Design and history in Estella - Lizarra (Navarra)

For € 5 you will have a very complete buffet breakfast very early which we serve ourselves so that we can say goodbye personally to you.

Nothing to leave breakfast ready for the day before !!

breakfast 2 Breakfast, therefore, is not included in our fare prices, but you will see that we offer it and very soon, because we like to say goodbye personally to each and every one of you.

And, well, if you don't want to have breakfast or you don't like what we offer, you don't pay for it. But if you are just having coffee and leaving, you drink what you want and only pay what you consume !

Our breakfast buffet offers:


For drink

Cold drinks
Orange juice and multi-juice.
Hot / cold drinks

Milk, lactose-free milk, soy milk, oat milk and rice milk.

Espresso coffee, infusions and chocolate.

To eat

breakfast 2
Dairy products
Natural and flavored yogurts, margarine and butter.
Mini croissant, milk bread, sobaos pasiegos, muffins.
Bread - cerales
Fresh bread of the day, white and wholemeal bread. Whole grains and Müesli.
Homemade jams and jams of strawberry, peach and plum.
Crushed tomato, extra virgin olive oil.
Fresh fruit
Apple, platano or banana, orange and fresh fruit according to season.
* Celiacs and other intolerances.
If you notify us in advance you will have products suitable for your diet.
Calle Curtidores 43, Estella - Lizarra, Navarra