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Hotel services at hostel prices. Design and history in Estella - Lizarra (Navarra)

The Hostería de Curtidores facing the start of the unusual summer 2020 campaign has decided to inform its clients with this document about hygiene and control measures to ensure safety against the COVID-19 coronavirus and minimize its spread, showing a commitment Firm with risk management for this global pandemic.

Safety distance.

The health protocol establishes that one of the highest risk factors is that of guaranteeing interpersonal safety distances. Thus, in this essential aspect and in order to guarantee it, we have defined different measures.

Modified the maximum capacity in Curtidores.

cama dormitorioThe health recommendations for this type of establishment say that you should try to organize both beds and rooms so that a period of "rest" of the equipment is allowed between one client and another, if possible. For this reason, at Curtidores we have made an important change. We have modified all our rooms, removing the fixed bunks and replacing them with low beds. The folding bunk bed models remain as extra beds. As a consequence, the maximum capacity has decreased from 45 to 31 places .

There will be security distance in the rooms.

In the case of the exclusive rooms security is total since they have the concept of Hotel and bathrooms and showers are for the exclusive use of the people who make the stay.

In the case of the shared ones, we have arranged the beds respecting the safety measures and safety distance .

In all cases, following official recommendations, "clients are urged to make their own beds, as well as not to touch other clients' beds or bunks."

Reorganization of the shared kitchen.

Cocina COVIDThe hostel ensures daily cleaning and disinfection of the general equipment of its shared kitchen such as fridge, induction hob, oven and microwave every day.

For the use of the kitchen a schedule will be established that will be registered and controlled from the reception of Tanners. The user or users (maximum of 3 people) who access the kitchen both at the beginning of its use and after it must carry out cleaning and sanitizing tasks with products provided by the hostel. For the cleaning of the individual kitchenware (plates, glasses, cutlery, ...) we will facilitate the free use of a dishwasher and thus guarantee a high temperature washing of the same.

Next to the kitchen we provide a space for individual consumption where the client is urged to wash their hands before and after eating.

Gauging in different areas of common use.

In Tanners, the different areas of common use have the maximum gauging identified and the system for controlling such gauging established, so that the safety distance is guaranteed.

Use of mask.

mascarillasIts use will be encouraged when the safety distance cannot be guaranteed.

Cleaning and disinfection

Another key within the health protocol establishes that they must l avarse carefully hands especially after sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing or touching potentially contaminated surfaces (money, letters from the establishment, etc.). All this together with the disinfection frequent both of objects s for personal use (glasses, mobile phones, computers, etc.) as well as the areas of greatest contact (surfaces, knobs, common areas, ...) with a disinfecting solution or with soap and water when feasible. Thus, in this essential aspect and in order to guarantee it, we have defined different measures.

The reception and reception.

At Curtidores we have been pioneers as a hostel that recommends checking online or autochecking , as well as communication by phone or messaging with our reception.

Those who reserve an exclusive room or a bed to share and send us a photograph of their passport or identity document and provide us with their phone number in their reservation, will have completed their check-in and they should not wait at reception. Those who register at the reception must keep the security distance and wait their turn for registration.

With the registration you will receive a message with two access codes : one from the hostel and the other from your room and / or bed.

lampara UVHygiene of backpacks, shoes, ...

In the reception and reception area there will be a hand sanitizer solution and disinfectant spray for shoes, backpacks, bicycles , etc ...

Boots or outdoor footwear must be left in the closet shoe dryer arranged for this purpose at reception. To access the rooms it will be mandatory to disinfect the backpacks .

Disinfection in rooms and bathrooms.

The cleaning plan of Curtidores specifically affects the cleaning and hygiene of showers and toilets. It will ensure the absence of humidity, the emptying of daily bins, surface disinfection and as a novelty and response to COVID-19 we incorporate disinfection using UV lamps.

In the access to the room area - rest, clients will have disinfectant solution and drying paper. In addition, all the bathrooms in the rooms will have hand soap and disinfecting shower gel; They also have a wastebasket with a non-manually operated lid and an inner bag.

The hostel will provide each traveler with bedding either bagged or packaged, well washed at high temperature or sanitized, thus ensuring that it is clean and avoiding contamination by potential customers who have arrived previously.

In addition, all customers will have closets or shelves in or outside the rooms to store their belongings.

In Estella-Lizarra on June 1, 2020

Calle Curtidores 43, Estella - Lizarra, Navarra